Steve Underwood

After receiving a B.F.A. in both Illustration and Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University, he started out as a designer/illustrator at Phase II, a top art studio in Chicago. There he worked on lead accounts such as Marlboro, Kellogs and Beatrice Foods.

Moving up to an art director position with Rogers Merchandising, a subsidiary of Young & Rubican Worldwide, Steve managed sales promotions creative material for Miller Brewing Company, Burger King, AT&T as well as others.

With experience in sales promotions, Steve was hired by Productcom as senior art director where he managed a crew of four staff members. There he gained insight into direct mail and honed his creative and management skills.

With a move to the islands Steve was hired as senior art director for a local agency where he worked on accounts such as Outrigger Hotels, Avis, Whalers Village and Meadow Gold. There he had the opportunity to master his computer illustration abilities. He also assumed the role of production and design manager.

From there, Steve and wife, AnnMarie, began their own venture Underwood Creative. There he continued his creative growth and success working on local Hawaii accounts as Ala Moana Center, PGA, Itoen USA, and Outrigger Hotels. Steve and AnnMarie were in business as a full service agency for five years together until they parted ways in 1995.

Since then, Steve has continued to grow and develop as a creative person with Underwood Graphics. He has redefined his abilities to do what he does best which is graphic design and illustration in a support role. As times have changed he has taken on new abilities such as web design, Interactive CD production, electronic design and illustration.


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